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A-40 (Quebec)

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=== Section East [[Quebec city|Greater Quebec Region]] ===
====In [[Greater Quebec Area|Greater Quebec Region]]====
In [[Quebec city]], the A-40 (known as 'Autoroute de la Capitale') act as a By-Pass while the A-440 (known as 'Boulevard Charest') goes directly into downtown. Both the A-40 and A-440 terminates in the vicinity of [[Quebec city]] crossing the path of the [[A-73 (Quebec)|A-73]] (Northwards to [[Chicoutimi]] and Southwards to [[Maine]]), to continue on a journey further East, you would have to follow the National Road 138 towards [[Charlevoix]]. West of Quebec city, in the region of [[Portneuf]], it could be feasable to hitch along the highway itself at some point.
====A-440 ''[[Quebec city|(Quebec)]] Autoroutes Charest & Dufferin-Montmorency'' ====

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