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'''Poland''' is a member state of the [[European Union]] as well as the [[Schengen Agreement]]. It is an awesome country for hitchhiking and even one of the most hitchhiker friendly countries in whole Europe. The avarage time of waiting vary from 15min to 1 hour depending on your spot. Many drivers generally believe that others do not stop and that hitchhiking days are over in Poland, which however does not prevent hundreds of them from stopping. Since 1958 till the beginning of 90's hitchhiking in Poland was an official way of traveling organized by National Tourist Board, when hitchhikers had their ID with [[insurance]] included and drivers could win prizes every year. Thousands of people were hitchhiking through all these years – and most of them have cars today, so very often do they repay the debt.
=== General Hitchhiking Info ===

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