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<small>The overview over the other location proposals and all the info pertaining to the decision-making process can be found at [[Hitchgathering/2021/Archive]].</small>
==Main Gathering– La Framondié==
=== Date ===
The gathering is "officialy" starting August 2nd 2021. As agreed with the owners of the spot, the gathering will end around August 16th with August 23th being the date where '''everything''' must be clean and everyone has left. Some people will have to get there before to plan things up a bit help build the toilets and some kitchen that we'll be using. Some pregatherings will very probably happen before too.
=== Location ===
'''For more informations, including access, see [[La Framondié is [ here]]. It's a large area of forest in one of the least densely populated parts of France, and there's a collective of about 8-12 people living there. They do gardening and steward the forest, and for the future they are quite interested in offering more activities, camps for children, etc., so we might kind of be their guinea pigs :-)'
As far as other orga things are concerned[[La Framondié]] is [ I asked about ~50 people for ~9890/2 weeks. If 100 people suddenly show up, I think it would be an issue5326 here]. Camping would happen It's a large area of forest in one of the least densely populated parts of France, and there's a somewhat dispersed way collective of about 8-- to have a central camp 12 people living there. They do gardening and then camp in steward the forest around where you can find the space. There land is generally steep, but there are ancient terraces, and it's also possible to shape for the terrain with a shovel to make it future they are quite interested in offering more amenable for camping. And of course hammocks will rule supreme :D There is plenty of firewoodactivities, plenty of wood camps for constructionschildren, drinking water tooetc. If we want to use their electricity and electrical amenitiesDuring the gathering, we would probably donate some money; will help them by building the same is also true infrastructure for tools (saws, axes, shovels) -- we could decide if we want to bring some or perhaps ourselves so they will also get some more tools for their future activities and we could support their purchasecan use it afterwards.
==== Pros =Misceallaneous ===
* Swimming! 20 minutes walking Tools: We can borrow tools from them and they have a lot.* Language: Locals speak French and some speak good English, especially in the Tarncollective in La Framondié. Please respect the people there as they are hosting us and this is their living space.* Weather: No rain in summer apart from very rare storms. Forest fire risk, a gorgeous swimmable riverdry climate and mosquitos. Bring sun protection.* Dogs: Don't bring dogs. There are also apparently waterfalls on If really necessary, contact the land that one people living there to ask (you can swim atgo through [[User:Swaden]].* Gorgeous placeHelping: be prepared to help with cooking, legal campingwood collection for winter, cool peoplephytoepuration and buildings for us, participating in assemblies.* COVID-19: The people living there are not at all worried about us bringing them Covid, or anything in regards to that.
* Of course transphobia exists in France, but probably not more than in most places.
* If you remember them from your childhood, it's very close to where [ Kaplas] were invented!
===Infrastructure = Cons == We can't be more than around 50 people otherwise it would be kind of a mess to handle camping and food collectively in La Framondié. All that's lower stands for 50 people and if we end up being 10, it will obviously be different regarding access to kitchen, toilets, etc. ==== Shelter ==== Camping would happen in a somewhat dispersed way -- to have a central camp and then camp in the forest around where you can find the space. There land is generally steep, but there are ancient terraces, and it's also possible to shape the terrain with a shovel to make it more amenable for camping. In the forest. No shelters are provided. There is virtually unlimited space for hammocks in the forest. Tents cannot go anywhere since the place is on an incline. There are flat spaces near the houses that could be cleared and are flat. Depending on the people, there is space for tents in these or more lonely in the forest. Overall room is for 15-20 tents. We can for sure build primitive shelters and the collective there would love to build wood cabins on platforms. They have a very big berber yourt (50 people) that we will build in the beginning on the main square so we can have a meeting spot to do activities. Otherwise there is no shelter for 50 people to meet all at once but smaller groups can under the wooden roof. ==== Dumpster diving ==== Bring enough to feed yourself for around 2-3 days before we set up a proper cooking and dumpster diving routine as our presence shouldn't impact the people living there.We can feed a maximum 10-20 people from trash behind small shops in Requista. Albi, Rodez and St-Affrique can feed a lot more people. There is a big Carrefour near Requista which could also feed more. ==== Cooking ==== We can't use their kitchen. We are therefore cooking outside, except for the first days with less people during the time we setup an outside kitchen. Try to bring pots as we can only borrow a little. They have a gas stove on a tripod with paella pans but no gas. We'd want to gather wood collectively: lots of dry wood and possibility to cut wood, simply not in only one spot.
* There isn't really any space there to park cars if anybody wants to bring one. (But after all, it's the hitchgathering... right?^^)* Since it's a remote region, dumpsters are not very close.* They have quite a few dogs there already, so while not saying that no dogs should come, they were a bit scared by the thought that we 'are like them and 50 people would come with 50 dogs'.==== Transport ====
Cars can be borrowed as long as they're respected and fuel is payed collectively. Bicycles are the same (5 available) but some needs to be fixed and the way in and out of La Framondié is pretty steep.
=== How to get there = Toilets ====
==== Hitchhiking ====Nearest highways are [[A75 (France)|A75]] and [[A68 (France)|A68]]There is one old dry toilet that is available to put back in service. From there youWe can'll t use theirs as we might be too much people. We might have to make build another 50-60km on smaller roadsone the first days. They imperatively have to be underneath the water spring where water is taken.
==== Public Transport Showers and swimming ====see entry under [[Hitchgathering/2021#Public_transport:|''nearby infrastructure - public transport'']]
We can bring or build solar showers. Otherwise there is a small waterfall nearby (with leeches included which mean free ) or the Tarn river. In anyway no soap and industrial products that could damage the flora and fauna. The Tarn river is 25 minute down and 45 minutes up and we can swim in it. ==== Water ==== Drinkable water from a spring at the taps in the house. Bring water containers for yourselves as the camp will not necessarly be close to the taps. ==== Electricity ==== There is from the grid. We will pay collectively for the electricity we use by taking measures from the electricity counter. ==== Internet ==== Unreliable 4G but stable at some spots. Crashes sometimes. No WiFi. === Nearby Infrastructure (Civillization) ===
==== Next town: Réquista (6km) ====
* [[Albi]] (48km): hospital
* Rodez (54km): hospital
==== Public transport: ====
Website for the regional public transport:
bus tickets are ~2€ even for longer distances
* Réquista (6km): bus ([ Albi - Requista (706)] and [ Requista - Rodez (219)], single ticket 2€)
* Tanus(29km): bus, train
* Albi (48km): bus, train
* Rodez (54km): bus, train
* [[Toulouse]] (120km): flixbus, blablabus, train
* Montauban (121km): flixbus, blablabus, train
* [[Montpellier]] (161): flixbus, blablabus, train
==== Next dumpsters: ? ====
=== Organizing ===
==== Questions/local research ====
A.P. on the mailing list proposed to ask questions to locals since someone they know lives nearby. Rom. will be there around mid-July. Also, [[User:Swaden]] will get got there around June 10th to ask questions and possibly bring some stuff.<!---So list List here unanswered questions you'd want them to ask/setup : * What are the possibilities for dumpster diving? Where are the spots? Do we have to bring and buy food ?* Borrowing bicycles?* What are the busiest roads? General tips for getting there by hitchhiking* Is there cooking gear to borrow (or even a kitchen) ? Are there toilets or even showers ?* How is electricity ? Do we receive cellular network and is there WiFi or Internet ?* Corona border situation from a local POV?* What is the locals language proficiency?* Where do we camp? Do we have to bring our own shelters ?* What about this 50 people limit? How flexible is it? Is there a backup plan nearby?* Do we need to bring tools?* How is the general infrastructure?.-->==== what What we have ====
* drinking water
* firewood
* wood for construction
==== what What we need could bring ====
* food
* boats, scuba gear and a plan for building a raft for the river :-)
=== Activities ===
Think about workshops you could organise! (It's very low-key.) So far, there are ideas about making circles about DIY gear-making and rounds of what-is-in-my-backpack, lockpicking workshops, herbal walks, making jellies from plants. At past gatherings there were many great workshops such as womens' circles, how-to for political marriages, clay oven building, capture-the-flag... etc pp.
There will be games, music, dumpsterdiving, occasional skinnydipping. Massage circles and hopefully many, many workshops. Late-night joints and bottles of wine passed around, discussions on how to -- you know...
==== Knot and lockpicking workshop ==== I'll bring some sythetic ropes (also hanf three stranded rope) so we can all study together decorative and useful knots from beginner to more advanced. I also have some lockpicks and locks that I'll bring only if there seems to be an interest since it's kinda heavy. [[User:Swaden|Swaden]] ([[User talk:Swaden|talk]]). ==== Wood toys ==== The people there mentionned a guy named Henri who builds funny wooden toys and could come with them. ==== Partying ====
I'll bring some sythetic ropes (also hanf three stranded rope) so One of the people there love mixing techno and we can all study together decorative and useful knots from beginner to more advancedmight make a party once. [[User:Swaden|Swaden]] ([[User talk:Swaden|talk]])
=== COVID-19 ===

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