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West towards Katowice, Wrocław {{Apl|4}} {{E|40}}
*'''1 From Pasternik Cmentarz bus stop'''
Get to the bus stop (roundabout) "Rondo Ofiar Katynia" (for public transformation info use []) and from there another 2 stops to "Pasternik Cmantarz". There is a bus stop, petrol station and plenty of space for a car to pull over.
:Generally it is better to have a sign for Katowice and if you're going further ask the driver to take you to some petrol station at the highway. Every time I've ended up on a different one and it was always super easy to push forward. --[[User:Polski Matematyk|Polski Matematyk]]
* '''2 From first petrol station on the highway'''
It's about 1km further than toll booths, but the spot is better than booths. You must take bus [ 226], [ 209] or [ 258] and get off on stop "Winna Góra". You will be already beside the motorway and the petrol station is close by. the best is to check the amazingly helpful page [] because the buses are running once for two hours.
* '''3 From [[Toll station|toll booths]]'''
From main railway station (Dworzec Główny Wschód) take bus 208 or 292 direction ''Port Lotniczy (Airport)''. If you take bus [ 208] get off at '''''Balice Autostrada (NŻ)''''' (you have to press the stop button otherwise the bus won't stop). Walk back for about 30m and turn left (west). Continue walking, go over the motorway by the bridge from which you will see the toll booths. Here's the [ route] It's a bout 1.5km walk.
If you take the bus [ 292] you have to walk a bit more (about 3km). Get off at the airport and follow this [ route].
[[File:Krakow to ukraine.JPG|thumb|left|200px|Hitching from Krakow to Ukraine]]
* '''4 Take a train for about 40km to a good spot'''
For a bit more than 10 ''złoty'' you can take a train from Krakow to the small town of '''Trzebinia'''. An even cheaper option is the minibus from the station behind the shopping mall next to the train station. Leave the train station, turn left, cross the bridge and follow ''road 79'' direction southwest. It's just another 1.5 km to get to the motorway junction and you can try hitching with a sign "Katowice" already, because a lot of traffic goes towards the motorway and you are already outside of Trzebinia. It takes about one hour to get from Krakow main station to Trzebinia.

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