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South towards Yalova, Bursa or Izmir
See below the Eskihisar links for a road/bridge alternative. See [[Eskihisar]] for how to get to the ferry jetty on the route and how to get into the ferry for free. The route via [[Eskihisar]] is also the shortest way to [[Izmir]] and its adjacent area in western Turkey.
Opet - Mehmetçik Vakfı Petrol petrol station / rest stop on E80 next to Mehmetçik Vakfı bus stop. Buses 130H, 132, 132B and KM 18 stopes there
Doğalhane Dinlenme Tesisleri petrol station / rest stop on E80 next to Çayırova İtfaiye bus stop. Bus 133Ş stops there
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