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Phoenix (Arizona)

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''Hiding within the unimaginably vast urban sprawl, there are a few gems that make Phoenix worthwhile. South Mountain park is the country's largest municipal park, is accessible by bus, and has ample desert hiking trails w/varied scenery. There is a huge storytelling and slam poetry scene in Phoenix; go to Lawn Gnome bookstore on a Wednesday night, tell a story and you get in free. Around downtown Phoenix, also check out: Burton Barr Library (cool 5 story building with views of the city, free internet access, an Arizona room), an all ages music venue called "The Trunk Space," the Roosevelt Row arts district, and an infoshop called "The Sp(a)ce." The town of Guadalupe (near Tempe) has a wonderful local market and many colorful murals on display. It's worth a visit just to get a sense of the place and people who have been harassed by Joe Arpaio for so long (the entire town filed a lawsuit against him.) Mystery Castle is a quirky architectural landmark well worth the visit. Phoenix Trotting Park, if you can get there, is an abandoned building with amazing post-apocalyptic visuals. Food not Bombs serves weekly in Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale- eat a free vegan meal and meet all kinds of people.'' - [[User:wallpaper|Wallpaper]]
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