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Skegness is a seaside town in region of East Midlands in England, UK.

Hitchhiking out

Simon found Skegness, and east Lincolnshire in general, to be a strange place to hitchhike. Hitching into Skegness, I was given £10 to buy a bus ticket to my destination of Mablethorpe, but because buses had finished running (it was 7pm), I had to hitch it! People seem to consist majorly of those visiting butlins, who give many nasty gestures from inside their cars along with their families. I found that I walked for a long while until I got picked up, and even then it was a short ride, then much more walking and was picked up by some confused youths.

Places to visit

If you're in Skegness, you may as well hitch to Mablethorpe, walk on the beach going north for a few miles, things can become wonderful and magical there. There is local talk of a special 'Elephant's Graveyard' inside the sand dunes somewhere, its apparently signposted by an obscure tree. And then, if you're in Mablethorpe, you may as well hitch to Louth, which is a pretty alternative and 'green' town.