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Siirt is a city in Turkey.

Hitching out

South towards Sirnak

If you want to hitchhike to Sirnak, first of all be careful. Surprisingly, it seems to be a road with very little traffic. Try to hitchhike in the morning if that is possible. You will pass Eruh in the middle of your way. To hitchhike out of Siirt you need to find yourself on the intersection south of the city. There is plenty of space there for cars to stop and cars go very slow, a perfect spot. If you hitchhike in from the West (Bitlis, Diyarbakir), you can either get a ride to the centre and walk south or you can get off at the intersection in the beginning of Siirt where you will notice a sign to Sirnak. From there on you can catch a ride just for 4km and you will find yourself on the intersection you need to be on. As of February 2012 they are working on a new road directly to Sirnak which will not pass through Eruh. Once they finish it should be easier.

  • Rozwal: while hitchhiking in February 2012 to Sirnak from Tatvan I was surprised how calm the road from Siirt to Sirnak was. I waited 1 hour at around 14:00-15:00 to see just 1 car going my direction. Fortunately, it took me to Eruh. There, the situation was even worse so I would warn you to hitchhike this road in the morning if possible.