Scandinavian Hitch Gathering 2020

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Gathering in Svullrya, Norway.

More information is planning to be added, but don't rely on this : for now, check the mailing list at

  • Like mentioned before there will be some small construction and destruction projects: a compost toilet, a fence, an outdoor sink/washing up station, chopping down some trees.
  • Kongsvinger has a Coop extra that's good for dumpsterdiving, in Kirkenaer the Spar works best. Joker in Svullrya itself isn't so bad neither. There are some big shopping malls just across the border in Sweden (In Charlottenberg for example) but I haven't dumpsterdived there myself yet.
  • Close by there's an open cabin (on openstreetmap it's marked as Rotneros) which can also be used during bad weather or for sleeping.


60.40181, 12.40934

In Svullrya just east of the river Rotna you'll find an open air museum called Finnetunet, from there go south on Sundtvegen, a gravel road, for about 2km. You'll get to a small junction with a gravel road going left slightly uphill (this is also where the blue marked hiking trail goes) and on the right side of the road a wooden gate. Go through the gate and walk for about 100m to get to the meadow at the lake !


2-mid August 2020.


  • Staples like rice, pasta and lentils
  • Boats/kayaks/rafts to go paddling on the lake
  • Berry pickers/scoops
  • We'll be able to organise a big cooking pot, so no need to drag it around hitching this time.