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<map lat="-1.6685930130985234" lng="-78.64012908935135" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Ecuador
Population: 156,723
Licence plate: H
Major roads: 35
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This article contains text from the Wikipedia article on Riobamba.

Riobamba (Template:IPA-es, full name San Pedro de Riobamba) is the capital of the Chimborazo Province in central Ecuador, which is located at the Chambo River Valley of the Andes. It is 200 km south of Ecuador's capital Quito and located at 2754m on the Avenue of the Volcanoes. The city is an important regional transport center as well as being a stop on the Pan-American Highway that runs through Ecuador. Riobamba stands as one of the largest cities in the central portion of Ecuador's Sierra region.

Hitchhiking out

North toward Quito

Take a $.25 bus for San Andres and get off at the peaje.

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep


Other useful info