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Richmond is a city in the United States.

Hitching out

Richmond is a highly liberal area full of transients and wanderers. Hundreds of hitchhikers pass through every year so they are less fearful of you than in other places. Avoid I-64 east as you will wind up in backwards hick towns, ghettos, and fearful conservative communities. I-95 N/S is your best bet.

South towards Suffolk

Avoid the Hampton/Norfolk/Suffolk area at all costs. You will be trapped for weeks. In Zim's experience, everybody in that area is an inbred hick or gangbanger that will try to rob you. The areas between Richmond and Virginia Beach are very, very, very ghetto. Hampton is Virginia's murder capital. When Zim was in Hampton, they drove past bodybags on the side of the road.

Accommodation and Sleep

The anarchist library takes in transients. Strange Matter is a bar on the corner of North Laurel and Broad Street where anyone you ask will likely let you crash at their place. The dorms are also a good place, and there are many small hippie and communal housing areas where people will walk up to you and ask you to stay at their place if they see you walking around with a backpack and a sign. The river has some very long trails where you can dip into the woods or old abandoned buildings to sleep. Avoid squatting in the abandoned buildings if possible as it's generally said that junkies hang out in them.

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