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Portage is a small city of just over 10,000 people in Wisconsin, USA. It is easy to hitch here from Madison, but may be a bit trickier to leave as it is a short drive away from the main interstates. It is, however a stopping point for freight trains between Chicago and Minneapolis, rather than Madison.

Hitching Out

Northwest towards Tomah / Brockway / Eau Claire / Menomonie / St. Paul / Minneapolis (via highway I94)

This is a bit tricky to start, because Portage is not right by the I90. Walk west on E. Cook St. (the main E-W street in town), which turns into local highway 33 as it heads South. Hitch it past the I39/87 to the ramps for the I90/I94, and then stand on the ramp heading northwest. *The I90 and I94 split up just before reaching Tomah, so take the I94 north up to Minneapolis. It is illegal to walk on the Interstates ("I" highways), so stick to on-ramps or sign for your destination if you don't want cop hassle.