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Osoyoos is a city in Canada. Sometime between 2010 and 2013 the local community had a falling out with the picker / traveling communities. Make a point of being respectful to the locals. There are some burnt bridges that need to be rebuilt.

Hitching out

East towards Nelson, BC

The whole town is built along the highway, so anywhere can work. One good spot is at the fruit stand on the edge of town, around 45 Street. You will be taking Highway 3 out. On hot days there is a decent sized tree for shade around the corner and a few hundred meters further up the hill.

West towards Keromeos, and Vancouver

From the Visitor Centre, head West up the hill/Bench. Once you are at the top of the bench and beside the airstrip, the shoulders flatten out, and it will be easier and safer for vehicles to pull off.

North towards Oliver, Penticton

North from the Husky truck stop on Hwy 97 is pretty easy hitching. There is a lot of traffic heading up the valley. The shoulder is widest near town, so don't walk too far.

Accommodation and Sleep

  • Don't camp in a vineyard, you may get blasted. Its desert country so you might have to hike a bit to find a camping spot.
  • Stay away from French Hill, the area is closely watched, and they hand out $200 fines(as of 2013) to people that are found trespassing in the area. There is also better concealment closer to town.