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Oran is the second biggest city in Algeria, first in the west. if you are anywhere and you think to see the west of the country so Oran will be your destination and from there you can see other places.

Hitchhiking out

South/West/East towards Algiers, Sidi bel abbes, Tlemcen

Hitchhiking out from Oran is really easy, one spot can let you find cars direction Algiers, Sidi bel abbes, Tlemcen and other cities. For this direction there is only one easy spot which is EL BAHIA. To arrive to this place there is lot of options.

Option 1 : Take Tramway (40 DZD) from the city centre to Mosquée Abdelhamid Ibn Badis stop, you will see a big beautiful mosque in your left and a circle point in front of you, so you cross the way and you go in the right of the circle point toward "El bahia" via 3ème Boulevard Péripherique, just in the exit of the circle point and the entrance of the 3rd périphérique there is a bus stop but there is nothing saying it's a bus stop, known by local people. Take any bus passing by there (or just walk about 15min) and tell him Hotni fel bahia which means drop me in Bahia or you can just stay in the bus and when you see the circle point ask him to drop you.

Option 2 : If you are in Akid Lotfi area, take bus H (20 DZD) and get off in Bahia circle point. Once you are in the circle point of EL BAHIA, you can see a panel Algiers / Sidi bel abbes " [35.683337, -0.609613] " stand in the location I mentioned there is enough space for cars to stop, and cars are going slowly which they have time to see you and stop for you.

If you are going toward Algiers you can use a panel but I'm not sure if you will have chances to catch a car directly so I recommend to use your finger and when someone stop for you; ask him if he is going direction of Algiers so he can drop you here " [35.581938, -0.224044] " it's a police checkpoint, cars go really slow almost stopping, so from there you can use a Panel Algiers or Consantine if you are going to Tunisia.

If you are going toward Sidi bel abbes, Tlemcen, Saida or Mascara better to use a panel directly.

towards Mostaganem

There is two buses who goes to " Rond-point pépinière USTO " number 51 and B, sincerely I have no idea from where to take them but this two buses goes there. My experience I took the tramway from the city centre to USTO university and from there I walked till the circle point, it's about 20min walking. I used a panel 27 which mean the number of the city of Mostaganem, everyone understand it.

Hitchhiking in

Towards Mers El Kébir, Aïn El Turk, Les Andalouses

From 1st November square walk thru Sidi el Houari to this place " [35.708038, -0.654817] " it's about 10min walking, use your finger and be carful at night because there is lot of drunk people.

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Wild camping is not safe at all in Algeria, if you had in mind to camp in Canastel forest it's really bad idea because there is lot of drunk people there even with a military base there.

Sleeping at the airport is not an option, airport close at night and you will get kicked by police.

Couchsurfing works perfectly in Algeria, not too much tourists so there are most of the time able to receive people, otherwise if no one accepted you, try with Sidi bel abbes or Mostaganem cities near by and there is no one going there so by sure you will find and the transportation to this two cities from Oran is only 140DZD by bus.

Other useful info

Tramway in Algeria is full of controllers so if you think to steal you can but it will be shame to steam 40DZD which is 0.2€ and the fine is 200DZD = 1€.

In the buses there is always someone who sells tickets (ask for it), there is no other place where they sell ticket absolutely no.

Hitchhiking in the spots mentioned up, you can use panels with numbers of cities. Each city has a number, Algiers 16, Sidi bel Abbes 22, Oran 31, Tlemcen 13... you can check the destination you are going on google and you will find the information, this is in case you are lazy to write all the name in the panel.

Police checkpoints, you don't have to worry or get afraid when you see them, it's something normal in Algeria. If you are hitchhiking and you see police checkpoint so be happy! because you can stop there and continue from the police stop because drivers will trust you (hitchhiking next to police) and cars go slowly, have enough time to see you and have enough space to stop. Sometimes Police will ask you what are you doing and too much personal questions, so be nice don't say why you are asking me this or is it professional! just keep answering and then they will try to stop for you a car but refuse because you will not feel comfortable with the driver because it could be he didn't want to stop but they kinda forced him.

For more informations about hitchhiking in Algeria in general don't hesitate to contact me on Couchsurfing : [1]