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The idea of this page is to make a format where can select some of the Hitchhiking websites web-pages on hitchhiking, and add a description for each in about 200 words. Three categories: hitchhiking, organised ride-sharing and Finding accommodation#Hospitality exchange networks hospitality exchange. This page can be added to each issue on the back-page (or one before)




Hospitality Exchange

Hospitality exchange networks require a bit more planning, but are very valuable tools for traveling. Sometimes there are meetings and gatherings of tens, or even hundreds of hospitality exchange members. If you go there you'll surely get a place to sleep!

  • CouchSurfing (CS), 580000+ members, managed in an oligarchic way, slightly North American-centric but growing rapidly.
  • Hospitality Club (HC), 330000+ members, managed in a dictatorial way, slightly Euro-centric because it was started there.
  • BeWelcome an open alternative to HC and CS, 4200+ members
  • Global Freeloaders doesn't have a fancy website, but it's easy to send out a lot of messages at once, and members contact you directly over email, which makes it a lot faster to use, probably convenient for finding last-minute places. Though the lack of handy profiles and the direct communication over email definitely make this site definitely less secure (don't use it in Lima).
  • HospitalityGuide Hosp.Ex Ne>>t - Hospitality Exchange Networks Overview
  • (Rahhala), 1000+ members, managed in a dictatorial way, Arab travlers and travelers for peace...