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<map lat='50.797097' lng='3.594757' zoom='14' view='3' float='right' /> Nukerke is a rural village in Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Hitching in


You can easily hitch from round about to round about or traffic lights on the N60. Don't let drop you in a middle of a section because cars pass to fast. If you start from Gent you can depart at round about "De Sterre" or round about "Don Bosco Zwijnaarde" (bus 70-71-72). From other places you can use E17 exit Nazareth/De Pinte (temporary closed till august 2011) witch brings you to the N60. Don't use the exit Kruishoutem because much traffic is local and there isn't really some place to pull over. Hitching to Nukerke is as easy as falling of a log. (e.g.: very easy)

Hitching out

North towards Gent

Near the drugstore at the main entry road of Nukerke (intersection Nukerkestraat) cars drive slow because of the speed cameras (70km/h). There is plenty of space for cars to stop. It's about 400m from the city centre. There are many roundabouts on the road towards Gent, so it's easy to hitch from one roundabout to another. This road also crosses the E17, so it provides an easy connection to Antwerpen or Lille.

Things to do in Nukerke

Rent a mountain bike at Koen Descamps bike shop. Nukerke is a nice place to mountainbike.

File:Olv nukerke.jpg
The church of Nukerke (in the town centre).