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Noumea is the capital of New Caledonia.

Hitchhiking in Nouméa

You can hitch within the city. People do this regularly and it works quite well. It is fairly easy to get a lift along Promenade Pierre Vernier or from Anse Vata or Lemonbay back into town. Done several times.

Hitchhiking in

If you arrive by plane and you are in Tontouta then try to hitch a ride into town, it is easily possible. There is also a bus for about 400 francs, so thats a good deal anyway. There are only a few planes arriving in the night without cheap bus connection (there is a bus for some insane 4000 cfp!) keep talking to people in the airport or just outside, because about 99% of all people will drive down to Nouméa. Speaking French helps.

Hitchhiking North

In order to hitch North of Noumea (towards Boulouparis, Bourail) the best option is to take the bus out in the direction of the airport at La Tontouta (400cfp. you pay to the driver). The bus station (car sud) is in centre ville, near the ferry terminal, next to "Bingo". Get off the bus just before the last big roundabout in Tontouta. I think there are only 2 stops in Tontouta anyway and this is the second. Most locals get off there too. Walk 20 meters to the other side of the roundabout and hitch from there. Bernhard was waiting no more than 1 minute for a car to pull over. Very easy. You surely can hitch out of centre ville, maybe from somewhere behind the hospital or any servo but there is almost 99,9% local traffic only and those 400cfp are definitely well spent.