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Nong Khai is a city in Thailand, at the border to Laos.

When you arrive just over the friendship bridge you can walk out of the boarder area and there is only one big road, this leads south. You will pass a few shops on your left including a 7/11. There is a rd that turns into Nong Kahi, countinue past this rd and walk futhur up the road until you find a good spot. The road is big so there is no problem for anyone to stop for you. There is a point on the road where lots of drivers do U turns, so it is better to walk a little past this point. There is no shade on this road.

Many tuk tuk drivers and local people will want you to get a bus in town, just say you dont have enough money or I am looking for a lift. It is easier to get a lift to Udon Thani then Khon Kaen.

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