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Narbonne is a city in southwestern France in the Languedoc-Roussillon région.

Hitching out

West towards Toulouse E 80

You can get lifts from a picnic area on the A61/E80 motorway just west of Narbonne (less than 5 km from the city centre). The picnic area can be reached in 15 minutes from the bridge where the route de Perpignan meets the motorway. Be careful walking behind the motorway barrier in the direction of Toulouse.

South toward Carcassone, Toulouse, Perpignan, Barcelona, Spain E 15

From the train station, head right through town, following the signs to Perpignan. After about 2km, there is a large roundabout. Before the roundabout is a petrol station, and a bus stop outside a McDonalds with enough space for cars to stop. If you will have still problem to stop somebody here you can go more further to the place where rouds from the city are changing to highway, there is a toll gate. Even there is forbiden to stop behind a toll gate it is nice place to hitchhike.