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Murwillumbah is a nice little town, in the east of Australia

The main attraction to go through this town is to get to Nimbin or to climb Mt Warning, which is the first place in Australia to see the sunrise. The people in this area are friendly and will often pick up hitchhikers. You should know the area between Murwillumbah and Nimbin has no mobile telephone reception, once you cross the Byangum bridge you will have nothing, so it is good to plan carefully or see if you can get a lift to your destination or you might be stuck.

Hitchhiking out

Southwest - To Nimbin, Kyogle

You must go out of the town along the Kyogle road. It is a 20 minute walk to an area where there is a place to pull off. Here if you have a sign, you might get a lift to your destination. Most people heading along this road are heading along the Kyogle road and will likely give you a lift to there turn off.