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Mtskheta is a town in southeastern Georgia, 14 km from Tbilisi. It attracts many tourists for its ancient churches.

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Hitching out

North towards Kazbegi, northwest towards Gori, Kutaisi, Samtredia

From the fountain, walk north along the main road for approximately 2.5 km. This street will eventually join the highway, but just before the two roads meet, walk down to a bus stop on the highway, cross underground to the other side, and then hitch from the bus stop on the east side of the highway.

The highway soon splits, one direction going north (on the so-called Georgian Military Highway) and the other northwest. Make sure your driver is going in the right direction before you get into the car.

The spot for hitchhiking north from Mtskheta

Public transport

A marshrutka to Tbilisi's Didube metro station costs 1 lari (as of August 2012).


Only 300 m east of the cathedral, there is a large field where one can easily and safely put up a tent.