Moose Jaw

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Moose Jaw
<map lat="50.39674000000000" lng="-105.534916000000000" zoom="11" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: [[Saskatchewan]]
Population: 33,274 (2011)
Licence plate: SK
Major roads: Hwy-1, Hwy-2
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Moose Jaw is relatively close to the Province's Capital City so there is a lot of traffic between the two Cities.

Hitching out

(Hwy 2) North towards Saskatoon

(Hwy 39) South East towards Weyburn (Estevan)

(Hwy 1) East towards Regina (Winnipeg)

People have had luck at the intersection of the Manatoba Expressway, and the Trans-Can. There is definitely room for cars to pull off. An other good spot is the intersection of the Trans-Can, and Thatcher Dr. the Highway has wide shoulders, and there is a truck stop there.

(Hwy1) West toward Swift Current (Calgary)

Hitching out West towards Calgary was the worst wait for me during my trip across Canada. It took me and my friend 6 hours + to find the right spot which is not in the downtown, but rather at the gas stations and restaurants along the transcanadian highway. At this place, you get all the people who are going out west and stop to eat or refill their cars. I suggest to hitchhike from there, in front of the Co-op Card lock and the Triple Y Mobile Service.

Hitching in

Places to Avoid

Sleep and Accommodation

Wilderness Camping


Other useful info

Internet Access

City Transit


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Things To Do

Moose Jaw tunnels

Back in the 1930's Al Capone used the town as his own personal get away. It is a little touristy, but... it's Al Capone.

Events / Festivals

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