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Milwaukee is a city in Wisconsin.

Hitching out

North/East towards Oshkosh

West Fon Du Lac Avenue (equivalent to Wisconsin highway 145) becomes controlled access W145 just west of 68th street. Standing here where it becomes a freeway will snag you a ride. Although much of the traffic here will be local, you should hold out and stay for a long distance ride to at least Fon Du Lac, because other entrances to the freeway have much lower flow of traffic.

South/West towards Rockford

There is no good place to snag a ride to Rockford. Gas stations may be a better shot than attempting to hitch from a ramp. Thewindandrain had trouble with this route and would suggest the south/westbound ramp from Wisconsin highway 24 (Forest Home Avenue) onto I894/I43. If you can get a ride to Elkhor] you will have a much better chance here. Do not get stuck at the East Troy travel center as most of the traffic there is headed for Whitewater or Chicago.

West towards Madison

Take the bus #67 to Glenview and Bluemound. Ask the drivers for a lift at the service station or walk to the highway in the direction of the bus. There's a small place for cars to stop when they turn at the entrance of the freeway, near the stoplights. Not ideal, but Matt&camy got picked up within 45 minutes.