Miles City (Montana)

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Miles City is a city in Montana. It is one of the more difficult places in the state to catch rides. Despite this, it is a major crossroads in Montana and when traveling through the state you may often find yourself here. The weather can get quite adverse at times. Thewindandrain once got stuck hitching in a storm here in 50 mph winds and rain and no one picked him up for over 4 hours.

Hitching out

North/East towards Jordan

This is one of the most desolate roads in the country. If you are up for a challenge try to get to Jordan. The highway to take is Montana 59. Stand a few blocks north of business I94 (Main Street) on M59 (7th Street). Don't accept a ride unless they are going all the way to Jordan.

South towards Broadus

Stand along M59 just south of I94.

East or West

Stand at the intersection of I94 and M59. This is the intersection in the middle. If you go to the intersections east of town or west of town (along business I94) you will only get local traffic.