Le Caylar

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Service station Le Caylar
in France at motorway A75 (France)
← from
  • Barcelona, Montpellier, Marseille (from direction South)
towards →
  • Paris, Clermont Ferrand (in direction North)
highway crossing available
Facilities: ?
Hitchability: Good.png (good)

Le Caylar is a big petrol station on the A75 (called also La Meridienne), south from Millau. It is located on the east side of the motorway, but it is accessible from both directions. At the altitude of 740 meters above sea level, it's snowy in winter, even when 15 km south everything is green. Usually it's 5-8 degrees colder than Montpellier.

It is very busy for 2 months during summer. Otherwise, traffic starts around 7, when trucks leave and locals go to work. You can expect the first cars going further than few km around 8-9.

At night there is one car passing per hour in average.

Massive traffic towards Barcelona, hard to find a ride towards Nîmes.

This year there were about 4 night hitchhikers. That might explain the fact that people working here (at least on night shift) are extremely friendly and helpful. They have also specific sense of humour and if you sleep outside without asking them nor saying hello, you might expect they will make jokes on you.

Once every now and then there is a teknival going on nearby and then station is full of "teuffeurs" sleeping all around. Also José Bové lives around and adds sometimes few more drops to everyday's life of the station.

Mirto spent a night there and highly recommends this place for staying overnight.