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<map lat='36.04909895906564' lng='103.8235473632812' zoom='9' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of China
State: Gansu (甘肃)
Population: 3.3 mio
Licence plate: 甘A
Major roads: G30
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Lanzhou is the capital of the province Gansu in China.

Hitching out

West towards Ürümqi

Go to lan zhou zhong a wen xue xiao (36°06′30.18″N 103°49′32.43″E). From there you can start hitchhiking as all the cars are going on the highway.

East towards Xi'an, West towards Wuwei, Xinjiang

Option 1: Take Bus number 109 to the 7 stops before the last one. You get off and keep walking in the same direction as the bus goes. You will basically run into the toll gate that leads to the highway. Just tell the friendly workers at the toll gate where you are going and wait until they organize your ride.

Option 2: Take Bus 4, 12, 117 oder 110 till their last stop dong gang zhén. (36°02′31.93″N 103°55′18.51″E) from there go left into yan er wan lu and walk for 1 km until the road ends. Turn left and after 50 m you will see the tollstation in about 100 meter distance. You can also take bus 143 and go off directly at the crossing towards the tollstation at yan er wan (36°02′52.69″N 103°55′16.84″E). There you will find enough space for cars and trucks to stop. You can try to go directly to xi'an or the next bigger city dinxi. On the way to it you will pass by a gas and service station where a lot of people stop and it is easy to find a lift.