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Lanzarote is an island, part of Canary Islands, Spain. Hitching in / out, you could try Hitchhiking a boat.

The streets on the island are in perfect condition. Usually there is no extra space besides the road to stop, because of small stones as boundaries, however standing there is problem.


The general mood is relaxed and the many tourists are friendly towards hitchhikers which makes it ease to get picked up, usually one of the first dozen cars stops. Standing at the street and smiling is usually enough. Most spoken language on the streets German, then English and Spanish.

Arrecife is connected with a highway-like road with two lanes. The volume of traffic on the federal highway (the red one) is a bit bigger than on the small roads. But also the small roads are absolutely recommendable for hitchhiking.

  • Hitching is generally good.
  • Distances are short and it's almost always possible to pull on the side of road - no real motorways - so try walking and hitching!
  • Signs will help you a lot (with name of a specific village)
  • so will basic Spanish
  • Hitching at night worked too - standing on the sides of the road with a flashlight on the sign.
  • Locals will tell you that tap water is not drinkable but I drunk it 2 weeks without any problems.

Hitchhiking out

by boat

I was looking for a lift to any another island about 5 days. 4 days I spent in Playa Blanca in Marina Rubicon and I have to say that it´s a shity place for boathiking. There is enough boats, but mostly older people who are staying there for long time and it´s not easy to find anyone who is planing to leave the island. After these 4 days I moved to Arrecife and everything changed. First day in arrecife I found a few lifts and next day I sailed to Tenerife. So for hitchhiking boats you should definitely go to the islands capital!

Out of the airport

Directly asking people that have just dropped of someone in front of Departures gate seems to work well.

Out of Arrecife

North to Tahiche and Haria

End of Calle Leon y Castillo (top of the hill) - next to a big Eurospar with a big parking lot in front of it, is a bus stop. Works best with a sign! (And if you can't catch a ride, you can still take the #7 or #9 bus.)

South (Airport, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca)

Find the bus stop "Intercambiador" on the seafront, at the other end of the main Arrecife beach (beginning being the high-rise glass hotel). Directly next to it is the big Island government building (Cabildo). Follow the road for about 200m (roundabout and underpass under motorway) and you'll be at a roundabout that takes you up to the motorway in the desired direction. Easy to stop and very good success rate.

Hitching in

I tried also to get on ferry to Fuerteventura for free, but it wasn´t possible. In 2016 one way ticket to Fuerteventura costs 22 euros.

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