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Flag of Scotland
Population: 533
Major roads: none
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Kinlochbervie is a village in Sutherland, in the Northwestern Scottish Highlands.

Hitchhiking out

South to Ullapool, Lairg and Lochinver; or North towards Durness, Tongue and Thurso

Go down to the Rhiconich junction, which houses a police station and a pub, and try here. Fish lorries from Kinlochbervie usually go down towards Inverness and it should be possible to catch one of those here, otherwise you can just stand here and try to get a car. Most locals will pick you up here, and it shouldn't take more than 3-5 cars before one passes to pick you up.

clint.hotvedt waiting for a car to pass by at Rhiconich. May 2009


When hillwalking or climbing, basic necessities can be bought here. Kinlochbervie is the largest town in close to 100 miles (150 kilometres) along the Scottish Northwest coast, as well as being home to the largest fishing port north of Mallaig. If you're interested in Geology, some of the oldest rocks in Europe can be found here, although better outcrops are to be found just south near the village of Scourie. Then there is Sandwood Loch, a two-hour trek north of town, about which there are lots of stories to be enjoyed in the pub with some locals.


Kinlochbervie has two pubs, one at Rhiconich, and another one in the village centre, which both serve food, but when here, if you're not a vegetarian, try some of the freshest and cheapest fish you can get your hands on. There's also a small shop where food for cooking and other basic supplies such as firewood and coal can be bought.