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Highland council is the biggest and least populated council area of Scotland. In fact, it's about the size of Belgium, and due to it's topography and complete lack of motorways seems to be even much bigger. With barren, sheep-covered expanses of Highland moors, stalking estates the size of a medium-sized city, highland games, deep and dark lochs, mountains and thick forests, this is Scotland how it is portrayed in folklore, books and films. In the whole of the Highlands, the only city is Inverness, which in fact, including it's outlying suburbs contains almost half the council's population, and the further north or west one gets, the thinner the population becomes. As a consequence of this, combined with the lack of decent public transportation outside the main centres such as Inverness or Fort William, hitchhiking is incredibly easy up here with on average 1 in 5 to 10 cars stopping, even on major roads. Do keep in mind that since very few people live here, some roads might have extremely low traffic, and people might only be going a few miles, so getting to your destination might take a while and it's better to start early.

<map lat='57.65' lng='-4.9' zoom='8' view='0' width='750' height='750'/>
Cities in Highland with more than 500 inhabitants

> 60.000: Inverness

10.000-15.000: Fort William

5.000-10.000: ThursoWickNairnDingwallAlness

3.000–5.000: InvergordonTainAviemore

1.500–3.000: PortreeUigKingussieMuir of OrdGolspieGrantown on Spey

500-1.500: Fort AugustusKyle of LochalshUllapoolKyleakinBroadfordLairgKinlochbervieLochinverTongueKinlochlevenMallaigNewtonmore

In the Inverness area, only places with >3.000 inhabitants are shown, and places between 500 and 1.500 inhabitants are only shown if they are significant market towns.

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