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Kingston, Ontario is located near Lake Ontario. Known for its history, being the original capital of Canada (prior to Ottawa), as well as home to Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. When visiting Kingston you may notice there are no tall buildings, this is because it is a historical city, and there is a height limit on all buildings.

Kingston was originally called King's Town. It is located between Toronto and Montreal, about 3 hour drive between each city. Napanee and Gananoque are its neighbours, each located roughly 50 kilometers away. Ottawa can be found about a 2.5 hour drive away. Kingston population is roughly 160,000, this includes the ″Kingston and Area″. There is a popular hiking trail to Ottawa, it is part of the provinces conservation areas, Rideau Trail is its name, and you can travel on foot, bike, directly to Ottawa.

Kingston has many Tim Hortons, about 1 for every 8000 people in the city. This might be a starting point on meeting new people, or travellers.

There are many sights to see in this mid size city. The most popular of all being Fort Henry. Which was built while Kingston was Canada's capital. It is rumoured to be haunted.

Other sights include: Downtown Kingston, Queens University, Royal Military College, St-Lawrence College, Kingston Locks, Wolfe Island, Sir John A. MacDonald's home, City Hall,

There are also many festivals, The Buskers Festival occurs downtown, in front of City Hall in August. The Blues Festival attracts artists worldwide,and is located downtown Kingston.The Chilli fest is also quite popular and gives you a chance to taste all sorts of chilli from great restaurants.The Kingston Expediation is a fair that occurs in the fall, it brings along ride, farm animals, tasty treats, and is very popular. There are Boat festivals,Car Shows, as well as Feb Fest, which is a winter festival and somewhat new.

Kingston has a lot to enjoy for such a small area, it is safe (about1 murder every 1-2 years).

Hitchhiking out

Hitching out can be difficult. Your best bet is at 401 ramp on Division Street. This area of town is full of hotels and fast food joints. You're more likely to find cars travelling longer distances here than anywhere else. Cops can be hasslesome, but as long as you're not obstructing traffic you should be fine.

Border Crossing towards New York, United States

In general, to hitchhike a border crossing in Canada, it's best to get to the Duty free stores' parking lots asking rides and try to not get kicked out. To facilitate easier crossing, try finding people that look like you, to reduce suspicion when crossing the border. Saying the word rideshare is better than hitchhike, to the border guards. Get your passports out when asking rides

We were successful with 40 minutes wait time to cross this specific border thumbing at the entrance of the first gate. We asked our driver from Kingston to drop us off at the thousand island bridge border. The people working there gave us smokes. We got a ride by a couple from Canada going to NYC. We looked young. video: