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<map lat='52.05' lng='-9.516667' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Killarney is a city in Ireland. The city is right next to the Killarney National Park, which is a must see. There are many well maintained hiking and walking paths of different lengths around the park, but some of them get flooded if there's a lot of rain.

Hitching out

East towards Cork

Go to the roundabout at the end of Park Road (1.5km from the city center) and walk a bit down the N22 to find a good spot. You might only get a ride to Macroom or some other small village on the way, but the N22 runs straigth to Cork. If you're lucky, you might even get a ride before you're at the roundabout.

Northeast towards Limerick

Go to the Cleeney Roundabout 1.6km north of the city center and hitch on the N22. From Farranfore (about 15km north of Limerick), the road divides into two: the N22 continues towards Tralee, while the N23 goes to Limerick.