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north ( FUKUOKA, KURUME ) You can use the entrance of the Highway (31,6240 130,5264) on Ishiki-kaido street. You get there by bus and there is a place where people can stop before getting on the highway. We succeded hitchhike with 2 others friensds! Trying from the center of town is useless.

SAKURAJIMA you can just stand at the beginnign of the road (31,5905 130,5975) or go to the konbini in front, it is easy and you can easy go around the volcano. There is a crazy onsen with absolutely nobody and a abandonned hotel just next to it (where you can sleep on the first floor, it is really clean and the view is amazing) the onsen name is Sakurajima seaside hotel. The great cheap hotel is the buildind next to it on the west.