Isle of Skye

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The Isle of Skye is located just off the West Coast of Scotland. It is reachable by land, and therefore hitchable by land, via the Kyle of Lochalsh bridge, and has various CalMac ferry connections (e.g reaching The Outer Hebrides via Skye is much cheaper than via Oban).

Skye is very touristy during the summer, so it's worth putting Skye on your sign when you're approximately in the right direction (rather than a particular place on Skye) for tourists to pick you up. A lot of European campervans tend to stop for you.

Hitching on the island itself is incredibly easy, thanks in no part due to the sparsity of bus services. Consistent success has been had hitching north from:

The area on the right after entering Skye via the bridge, just after the small roundabout.

The roadside going towards Uig, opposite the biggest Co-Op in Portree.

All smaller roads, though sometimes you have to wait a while before anyone drives past, especially in winter when there are less tourists.