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The costs of running Hitchwiki are mainly the domain name and the server costs. These are now totally paid by MrTweek.

Contact MrTweek if you want to share these costs.

Zac has suggested that any profit (considering it's not all loss) that comes from the Hitchhiking Zine go to fund the Hitchwiki.

Abgefahren e.V., who is taking the legal burden of hosting the page (and supports it anyway), could also pay for the page. The organisation is a registered non-profit. So even when MrTweek would pay the hosting, it would make sense that he (or anyone else) donates the money to abgefahren and abgefahren pays the bills. Therewith both sides profit from tax reimbursements. --Alex 08:37, 3 November 2008 (UTC)

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