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Consider weather, holidays, we need time to organize Match up with 5/8/11 (or 8/5/11 as Americans write it, or 2011.08.05 :P ) August 5th 2011? Or choose our own date?

-i was under the impression the EU one was pre-uni for the students. It would be nice to match up, but not necessary.

Consider other events around that time

-National Rainbow gathering (likely Washington), July 1-7

-Burning Man- End of August/early September

-University students go back to school end of August/ early September

Assume it starts on a Friday? Any reason not to? -Any reason TO? One reason to start on a Friday is for people with standard-schedule jobs - both prospective hitchers (like Rob from 2010 who got his first hitchhiking experience between Denver and Boulder) and locals who want to check it out.

Friday Pros Cons
June 17
June 24
July 1 Monday is a holiday, so this is a 3-day weekend Start of Rainbow Gathering, Rainbowers will be busy
July 8 Rainbow Gathering just ended, perfect timing? Rainbow Gathering just ended, too soon?
July 15 Rainbow Gathering ended a week ago, allows people time to show up
July 22
July 29
August 5 Same weekend as EU gathering, could be cool Someone might want to attend both?
August 12
August 19 George is busy. Lily, too! Likely Robin, as well.
August 26 Burning Man starts on the 29th, burners will be busy getting ready
September 2 During Burning Man
September 9 Burning Man just ended on Sept. 5th, burners will be burnt out and needing sleep in a real bed...