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a simple trip recorder for Hitchwiki Maps

Technical user cases

1) Save trips with your GPS/mobile

  • Load them manually to Maps (GPX & KML)

2) Add points to the Map manually

3) Save trips with your mobile/computer to Google Latitude (manual/gps/cell towers)

  • Maps will load these points automatically

4) Publish your current location to others (all/registered)

  • See nearby travellers or all hitchhikers on a one map

Hum hum!

  • Some additional functionality for trips/points could be included, eg. "make this place a hitchhiking spot"-quicktool, comments etc.
  • By some logic, points would be divided into trips. Trips have a starting point and an ending point. Need to solve how to start/end trips when saving stuff from Latitude.
  • Widgets/RSS-feed that people could include to their own sites/blogs. (Make a simple WP-plugin for Hitchwiki Community)
  • Connect with Hitchlog somehow