Hitchhiking in a bad mood

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Try to avoid hitchhiking in a bad mood. You won't be happy and neither your drivers will be.

In case your mood changes for the worse while hitchhiking you can take a break. You don't need to rush around the petrol station asking for lifts when you don't feel like to. Try to cheer yourself up by things that make you happy. For example:

  • play a musical instrument, especially tiny things are good, such as the jaw harp or a harmonica
  • make your moves more theatrical, jump
  • go to a playground and swing, slide and climb (also on trees)
  • take a short walk if you're in a beautiful landscape
  • if you're hitchhiking with someone else: hug each other
  • if you're at a petrol station, talk to people who radiate good energy
  • take a nap
  • listen to your breathing and create positive energy from within
  • stay calm, smile and trust
  • try listening to music that makes you happy.

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