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HitchFest, Marco de Canaveses, Portugal (join tge FB event and invite your friends!)

This is the very first edition of HitchFest! A festival which will gather in the north of Portugal travelers, hitchhikers and other nomadic creatures, as well as people who are simply curious about this art of travelling. We want to open a space for travelers to: share their experiences through all corners of the world; share their talents: from handicraft to music, from writing to photography; exchange contacts, strengthen bonds and create new projects; dance, jump, stretch, breathe and laugh!

Hitchfest is part of 2017 Hitchgathering caravan.


How to get to the HitchFest?

Once you enter in Marco de Canaveses following the upper instructions, just after crossing Rio Tamega river you will want to go to the centre of the town (town hall - Camara Municipal in Portuguese) where most of the drivers will be able to take you. You will have some plates indicating how to get to the centre (town hall) where you will be able to take a shuttle to the festival located about 8 km from there for free. If your driver will drive towards Parque de Merendas de Montedeiras or is able to take you there directly, there will also be some plates indicating the way to HitchFest - Montedeiras.


2-6 August

What to bring

Bring all the gear you usually take for camping: tent or hammock, camping matt, sleeping bag... Bring your music instruments and juggling gear. Bring re-usable cup, plate and cutlery. You can bring anything you think will make you and us feel more at home!


Food, Water


Dumpster diving

What to do

There will be concerts, presentations, workshops, therapies... Check out the program!