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<map lat="58.9000019856966" lng="22.602535486222134" zoom="9" view="0" float="right" /> Hiiumaa is the second biggest island of Estonia after Saaremaa. Length of the coastline is 310 kilometers. It's famous for its many lighthouses, untouched nature and island humor.

Getting there

From Haapsalu, Tallinn

Getting to Haapsalu from Tallinn follow the istructions provided here. In Haapsalu cross the railroad, follow signs Hiiumaa and just after couple of hundred meters just stick your thumb out and hitch to the port. (One of the spots out of many.) Ticket for the footpassengers is around 2 euros and it's possible to purchase it at the port. Ferries leave every couple of hours.

Hitchhiking around

It's a tiny island and after leaving the port you have only two options. Either hitchhike south or north towards Kärdla. Roads are simple and providing enough space for cars to stop.


There are four official campsites for camping free with your tent, but you can ditch your tent up everywhere in the nature as long as you take care of the place and don't leave any trash lying around.