Hörselgau Nord

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Service station Hörselgau Nord
in Thuringia at motorway A4
← from
  • Eichelborn Nord (from direction Erfurt)
towards →
highway crossing {{{crossing}}}
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Hitchability: unvalued

Take the regional train (from Erfurt) to Fröttstädt. From there it's a 30 minutes walk to the gas station. Note that there is only a gas station in direction Frankfurt. Once you got off from the train turn right onto the main street (Fröttstädter Straße) and follow it about a kilometre to it's end. Turn left (Lauchaer Straße) and follow this street another kilometre (it becomes Kirchplatz, Falltorstraße and Siedlung on your way) and turn right. The gas station should already be visible at this point.