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Guelph (pronounced /ɡwɛlf/) is a city located in the Southwestern region of Ontario, Canada.

Known as "The Royal City", Guelph is roughly 28 kilometres (17 miles) east of Kitchener-Waterloo and 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of downtown Toronto at the intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 7.

Hitchhiking out

North toward Owen Sound

Anywhere on highway 6 (Woolrich St) past Woodlawn Rd works pretty well. Careful as the shoulders are thin and sometimes non-existent. Obviously, the farther past Woodlawn you can make it, the better.

East toward Toronto, Montreal via the 401

Take a bus to the Gordon St and Clair Rd intersection and walk south along Gordon St for about 5 minutes. Gordon St becomes Highway 6, and you can take it all the way to an on-ramp for the 401 outside Aberfoyle (about 20 minutes from Guelph). If you are heading to Hamilton, just go straight down Highway 6, past the 401, instead.

South East toward Hamilton

Best to get as far out as the city as possible; there's a small hamlet called Morriston that's perfect. Tons of traffic getting off the 401 heading to Hamilton as well as a "carpool" parking lot where it you can solicit rides.

South West toward Kitchener (Ontario)

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