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<map lat='52.445278' lng='30.984167' zoom='10' view='3' />
Flag of Belarus
State: Homiel voblasć
Population: 481,197 (2004)
Licence plate: 3
Major roads: M8 (E95), M10, M5 (E271)
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Gomel (Belarusian: Го́мель, translit.: Homyel’ or Homiel, pronounced [ˈɣomʲelʲ], Russian: Го́мель) is the second-largest city in Belarus. It is situated in the southeastern part of the country, on the right bank of the Sož river, close to the borders with Ukraine and Russia.

Public transportation is represented by city buses and trolleybuses. It is generally inexpensive. The city is an important railroad hub in the southeastern part of Belarus being positioned midway on the Minsk-Kyiv railroad link. There is an airport in Homiel, which is located 8 kilometers north-east from the city.

If you hitchhike within the city you will be expected to pay a small sum (up to $10 within the city). When you are on the highway, draw a sign in Russian and always specify you want to go for free. Belarus is rather safe country to travel in, but you must know at least some Russian. People are friendly enough but they (especially older generations) rarely speak foreign languages.

Hitching out

South towards Chernihiv, Ukraine (M8)

The road enters Ukraine at the Novaja Huta-Skytok border crossing.

Southwest towards Žlobin, Babrujsk, Minsk (M5)

West towards Kalinkavičy, Luniniec, Pinsk, Brest (M10)

North towards Mahilioŭ, Orša, Viciebsk (M8)

Administrative divisions of Belarus

Brest region • Homiel region • Hrodna region • Mahilioŭ region • Minsk (city) • Minsk region • Viciebsk region

Brest region: Baranavičy district (Baranavičy) • Biaroza district (Biaroza, Bielaaziorsk) • Brest district (Brest) • Drahičyn district (Drahičyn) • Hancavičy district (Hancavičy) • Ivacevičy district (Ivacevičy, Kosava) • Ivanava district (Ivanava) • Kamianiec district (Kamianiec, Vysokaje) • Kobryn district (Kobryn) • Liachavičy district (Liachavičy) • Luniniec district (Luniniec, Mikaševičy) • Malaryta district (Malaryta) • Pinsk district (Pinsk) • Pružany district (Pružany) • Stolin district (Davyd-Haradok, Stolin) • Žabinka district (Žabinka)

Homiel region: Akciabrski district (Akciabrski) • Brahin district (Brahin, Kamaryn) • Buda-Kašaliova district (Buda-Kašaliova) • Chojniki district (Chojniki) • Čačersk district (Čačersk) • Dobruš district (Dobruš) • Homieĺ district (Homiel) • Jeĺsk district (Jeĺsk) • Kalinkavičy district (Kalinkavičy) • Karma district (Karma) • Lieĺčycy district (Lieĺčycy) • Lojeŭ district (Lojeŭ) • Mazyr district (Mazyr) • Naroŭlia district (Naroŭlia) • Pietrykaŭ district (Pietrykaŭ) • Rahačoŭ district (Rahačoŭ) • Rečyca district (Rečyca, Vasilievičy) • Svietlahorsk district (Svietlahorsk) • Vietka district (Vietka) • Žlobin district (Žlobin) • Žytkavičy district (Turaŭ, Žytkavičy)

Hrodna region: AšmianyHrodnaLidaNavahrudakSmarhońVaŭkavysk

Mahilioŭ region: AsipovičyBabrujskBychaŭMahilioŭŠkloŭ

Minsk region: BarysaŭBierazinoDziaržynskMaladziečnaMinskSalihorskStoŭbcySluckŽodzina

Viciebsk region: BraslaŭHlybokajeLiepielNavapolackOršaPolackViciebsk