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Gimli is a friendly portside town in Manitoba, Canada. It is great for loitering in and camping outside of town limits.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Winnipeg (via #8 Highway)

Most North-South traffic is on Highway #8, which is 1 mile West of the Highway #9 which goes through Gimli. Since "commuters don't take the #9 seriously," you should go to the #8. From Centre St. & 7 Ave. (Highway #9), walk North to 5 St. and walk/hitch West from here, where its considered the Highway #231, until you reach Highway #8. Hang out at the merging lane a few steps South.

If you are looking to catch traffic heading through Gimli and departing from Gimli, you should supposedly go further South on the Highway 8, as Gimli traffic usually heads South out of town on the Highway #9 before driving West to the Highway #8. Details are not confirmed.