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Gijón is a city in Spain.

Hitching out

East towards Santander, Bilbao

Nina_Unexia tried hitchhiking from here, right next to the lamp post. After some time spent observing, the conclusion was that most of the traffic that goes in direction of Santander comes from that direction. It was successful. Got a ride to Santander within 30 minutes.

Now, Nina_Unexia ended up here quite randomly, walking from the main bus station to one gas station, then to another and then they told us this could be good. That's why it's unknown if there a bus line that can get you close to this spot, but it's a 40-minute walk from the centre.

If you know of a better spot, do share.

West towards Alvilés, Luarca

At the end of Avenida de Portugal, just before the roundabout, you can hitchhike at one of the traffic lights. Not the best place to hitchhike, but we found it better than at the roundabout, because at the traffic lights there are still places where cars can stop.

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