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<map lat='53.27' lng='-9.03' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Galway is a city on the western coast of Ireland, inhabited by more than 72 thousand people. Cars registered in Galway have letter G after first two digits on registration plates.

Hitchhiking out

East and south towards Dublin and Limerick, Cork

  • Dublin Road

There are some good spot to hitchhike in Dublin Road. But since there is the new M6 highway, it's maybe not the best if you are going to Dublin. But good if you are going to Limerick or Cork.

From railway and bus station go right till you get to Frenchville Ln., turn right and go down the road near Radisson Hotel. At the end of the road turn left to Lough Atalia Rd., which is inner city bypass. You will see rail bridge on the right. You can hitch just behind the junction. There's traffic jam quite often. It's about 3 minutes walk. If you continue on the Dublin Road, you'll find, bus stops, red lights, and nice spots to hitch. You can also go to the Skerritt roundabout by the GMIT College. There is space after the roundabout to hitch a lift. Bus no. 2 goes in this direction.

  • M6 to Dublin

Since 2010 there is the M6 highway between Galway and Dublin. So it is maybe better to find a better spot where you can hitch the cars going to this highway. If you find a car to Dublin hitchhiking on Dublin Road, you will be lucky, because now, not much people go this way if they want to go to the M6 to Dublin. Morris roudabout could be better. Go to the Morris roundabout which is beside the dual carriageway (N6). There is space after the roundabout to hitch a lift and even a petrol station to ask drivers for assistance. Bus no. 3 goes in this direction. I (François Gobert, French) hitchhiked on this same road on Oct-2015 and got picked up in 10 minutes! Walk a bit further after the ESSO petrol station and start hitchhiking just when the insertion line ends up! Good spot!

West towards Connemara by the coast road, Aran Islands ferry terminal in Rossaveel

If you're feeling lazy, catch bus no. 1 from Eyre Square - stay on the bus going through Salthill and get off once the bus turns off the coach road. From here it's about 5 minutes walk to where the bypass meets the old coach road, which is the ideal spot for hitching. If you're lucky, you'll get a lift before you even get there. There is also a good spot to hitch where Barna Road cross Ballymoneen Road, after Salthill. If you don't take the bus, it's one hour walking from Galway.

Northeast towards Tuam, Sligo, Derry

Go to the Fonthill roundabout which is beside N17/Tuam Road. There is space after the roundabout to hitch a lift. Bus number 3 goes in this direction.

North towards Castlebar, Westport

Go to the Kirwan roundabout which is beside N84/Headford Road. There is space after the roundabout to hitch a lift. Bus no. 7 goes in this direction.

Northwest towards Clifden

Get bus number 5 as far up the Upper Newcastle Road as it goes, get out and walk hitching to the same spot after the traffic lights. There is plenty of space for vehicles to pull over and help you.