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Fremantle (Freo in Aussie-speak) is an old port city in Western Australia, 30 km from the centre of Perth in Western Australia. They used to be separate towns, but have long since merged. Fremantle is considered somewhat of an alternative/hippie area. It is becoming somewhat gentrified but still has a lot of local arts and sustainable culture.

To Do In Fremantle

There is free wifi and outdoor powerboards to plug in your laptop/phone charger in the main square, King's Square. The library is here, town hall and also an outdoor giant chess board and ping-pong tables (free, just leave $20 deposit to borrow the bats). There is also a free bike hire for freo based here, just ask at the Information.

There are two bus routes around the central area which are free, called CAT buses. The Red one goes around the town centre and to the Arts Centre, and the Blue one goes to South Beach, the main beach which Freo-ites frequent. There is almost always a group of travelers you can introduce yourself to, playing guitar and drinking a little cheap wine on South Beach, at least after they wake up.

There is a bunch of people who get together to do free dancing in the dark, every Tuesday. It's called No Lights No Lycra and is pretty great.

The local student/anyone hangout is X-Wray cafe, the atmosphere is the main feature. It's got comfy booths, outdoor leafy tables and live music many evenings, and if you know anyone in freo you'll bump into them here. Gypsy Tapas is the late-night version, live music every night of the week and the most relaxed vibe, though they could fill their wine glasses a little more... do have delicious tapas though.


There is a community garden centre FERN (Fremantle Environmental Resource Nerwork) which is generally full of lovely people doing things like gardening, bike workshops and community events. They have a 5AUD (previously donation. As of April 2015) vegan soup kitchen on Monday nights for sitting around a campfire under the stars, and eating delicious vegan food. There is always free dumpster food at the front, often bread, sometimes more. If you don't have the money just come early (from 4pm) and help with the cooking.

There is good dumpster diving to be had in freo, check trashwiki. Some cheap eats in town include the Juicy Beetroot delightful cafe's vegetarian delight half price after 1pm, Manna organic salads etc $5 after 4pm.

The downtown weekend market on Sunday evening (5 or 6PM) is perfect for cheap fruits and vegetables. Minutes before closing vendors start selling boxes of random food for 5AUD.


A fair amount of people are sleeping on beaches or in their vans in Freo, you can find a crew of backpackers usually sitting on South Beach playing guitars, friendly to join, also there are free barbeques and toilets there. Though it's illegal to camp (including sleeping in your van in the carpark) on South Beach and the rangers do check, and will wake you up at 2am and make you move away. It's possible to go into the dunes and pitch a small tent in the quieter beaches south of there (towards CY OÇonnor Beach) out of sight. Just by CY O'Connor beach is an incredible old abandoned power station which is an amazing spot. It has been graffiti'd amazingly, but recently has a new fence installed which is a little harder to jump, but it's still a special spot to explore. trash:Fremantle