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This is a true account of my first hitch. The first 2 sections are taken from my journal before and after I hitched a lift hence they are signed, the last bit was added as I thought it would suit as a good ending.

18/09/08 It's a thursday, typical on a day I've decided to hitchhike. I've hiked to horsell and am trying to hitch to Woking (Brewery Road) and have found an optimum hitching point. Unfortunately my eagerness to get going has resulted in me trying to hitch during the school run. I shall try to whether the storm of embarrasment, but I don't think I'll stand a chance untill 10:00am. I think I'll doss till 9:00am and besides I need to give myself a pep talk. So post back later bye. Signed: Alex Jahans

It's now 10:33am and I am supping diet coke in peacocks food floor. This is what happened to get me here:

I stood at the hitching spot for 1 hour and 30 minutes. I tried to optimize my chances by ditching the cap and jacket. I kept the gear beside me. At first I felt awkward but then I started to get into the zen of the hitchhiking philosophy. I reaised 'Hey it's a beautiful day and I'm enjoying it but I am still being purposeful'. I decided to kick back and enjoy the opportunity. I got chatting to this old lady about how this was my first hitch. After that I felt that if nothing else, I've helped hitchhikers reputation everywhere. I was at one with the road, I just remember scrappy's words: 'Your ride will come'. Not long after that a taxi gave me a free lift. I first hitched a ride with a taxi, how cool. I'm finally a hitchhiker. Signed: Alex Jahans

There's still more to this tale. On my way home I saw a guy selling big issue. I couldn't afford a mag, so I gave him an unopened pack of mint imperials. I walked home along the basingstoke canal and I loved it, then on my stop off at goldsworth park I finally properly relaxed. Shear bliss.

-- Farshnuke