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Ezine is a town in Çanakkale Province, Turkey, south of the city of Çanakkale. It’s located on the north-south highway D550/E87.

Hitchhiking out

West to Geyikli, Bozcaada

It’s no problem to attract a ride on this road (unless it's late at night when traffic volume drops almost to zero). However, if you intend to move further southwest to Tavaklıiskelesi, Gürpınar, and Babakale, either get a very detailed map beforehand, or follow the signs very carefully and double-check with your driver in order not to get lost in this maze of villages and secondary roads.


While looking for someone suitable to sleep around the town after failing to attract a ride neither to south nor to west late at night, hitchhiker Vidimian and his company were stopped by two plain clothes cops. After an ID check and getting respectful answers for their questioning, the cops decided that these two were penniless “hippies” and took them in their car to wilderness about 10 km west of town, and showed them a place where they can erect their tents.