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Template:Encarnacion is a city in Paraguay.

You will pass here if coming over the international bridge from Posadas

Hitchhiking out

North towards Asuncion

From the main square, it is a long hike north to clear the city.

If the bus from Argentina has just dropped you off, you can walk out along the road. It passes a roundabout, a small bridge and then continues north. Traffic is moving fast. Walk about 2km towards the north, and you should have more chance. Just use the thumb, no signs. When you get out of the city (it sprawls), then you can pull out the sign! There is a roundabout and fuel station some 15km out of town which was a good spot. Took user:lukeyboy95 2 hours to get out. Easy from roundabout. Reckon on 7 hours to the capital in a truck.

South towards Posadas

Hop on one of the buses towards the international bridge,.these are fair value and go through the centre. Alternatively, get a local bus to the bridge, then sneak on the bridge that crosses the bridge. Formalities are light hearted.

Accommodation and Sleep

Two very nice beach and park complexes down by the sea, or head to the border where it is secure to overnight.

Other useful info

Pesos are changed into guaranis, but at a piss poor rate. Try and use them up in Argentina.