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Dumfries is a town in Dumfries and Galloway. Sprawling around the river Nith, the Queen of the south, where Rabbie Burns once dwelt. Dumfries is a bustling centre for Galloway with its largest concentration of shops and schools.

Hitching out

Good hitching spots can be reached with 15 minutes walk going both directions on the A75.

North towards Glasgow, Edinburgh

The A701 is reasonably busy and most mornings follow Edinburgh road which turns into the A road. RastaLaVistaBaby has managed to catch a lift opposite the Tesco Express. If your lucky the driver will be going all the way to the on ramp of the M74 (GB). Don't accept any short lifts here because its a nice place to hitchhike, it's worth waiting for the good one with people going to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

West towards Northern Ireland

Walk out of town on the A780 which is across the bridge. Follow past a golf course and under an old railway bridge until you reach a roundabout where you join the A75. There is a long space to hitch just after the roundabout. Stand further back so drivers coming out of the roundabout can see you.

Places to avoid

A couple of bad pubs. But a nice place generally